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Typing text inside a path area with Illustrator area type tool

Adobe illustrator Area Type ToolAdobe illustrator is a best vector graphics tool and really useful to the professional graphic designers. In graphic designing, professionals often need to structure some text data in a shaped path. Generally, it is not possible to structure the text data exactly in required shape. Even we did it using some methods but the text alignment might not be justified. The advanced graphic designing illustrator software program made this task simple and easier by including an excellent tool, called Area Type Tool.

Area Type Tool is placed in type tools section which is part of Toolbox. In other words, area type tool is one of the type tools in toolbox. It is indicated in typing tool with a typing shape similar to right side illustrated icon.

How to use Area Type Tool

  1. Draw any shape in your illustrator. In this example, a five point star shape is considered and it is filled with a color for your understanding. In fact, no need to fill the shape with color but even you fill it with a color, it automatically erased and replaced shape path with your typed text.

Star Shape in Illustrator

  1. Visit Toolbox and select Area Type Tool from Typing Tools section. Alternatively, you can reach typing tool section with a Keyboard shortcut T and choose area type tool from drop down.
  2. Come back to your shape area in illustrator document and click on top area of the shape. You observe that a clear path is appeared by erasing the filled color. Fill the shape area by typing a text with required font style and size as exampled in below left side picture.

Area Type Tool Example during typing and after typing

  1. Choose selection tool from toolbox and click anywhere on document except on the shape area to see your typed text in the actual drawn shape as exampled in above right side picture. The perfect text structure can be obtained with exact wording.

The same tutorial can be applied to any shape and this tutorial works in every version illustrator graphic designing program to structure the text in any shape area.

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