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Adobe illustrator Fill Color Tool

Fill is a tool in Adobe illustrator graphical objects creating software. It is a most commonly used tool in Adobe illustrator and useful to graphic designers to apply any color to a particular object or text in illustrator document. Fill tool not only applies user selected color to object and also can apply color to any dimensional object, best example 2D or 3D objects. However, the applying process to 2D or 3D is slightly different when compared to single dimensional objects.Adobe illustrator Fill Color Tool

Setting Color

In adobe illustrator software, fill tool is located in left side toolbox area as one of the options, indicated with a fully coloured square box and it partially covers another square box called stroke as shown in right side screenshot. Fill tool can be activated with keyboard shortcut X but stroke tool is activated if you click same shortcut one more time.

When user double clicks on fill icon at toolbox, illustrator software opens a color picker in a pop up window which allows you to choose a color from color library in order to set that color as filling color to the object or text. The applied color is indicated in a small square box at bottom of the pair of fill and stroke tools as shown in right side screenshot.

Adobe illustrator Fill Color Picker

Filling Color

Fill tool is used to apply color to text as well as graphical objects. In Adobe illustrator software, color can be filled to anything by choosing a color before creating objet or typing the text. In other words, if you choose color first, whatever text or object your created is appeared in your selected color. However, the same object or text color can be set to another color after typing or drawing the objects.

Filling Color to Text

Color to text can be set before typing the typing in illustrator If you already decided to set a particular color to your typing text. Following below steps make you to see typing text in your selected color.

  1. Select Type Tool from toolbox and give single left click on document to get typing path.
  2. Double click on fill tool at toolbox to see a pop up window.
  3. Choose a color from Color library and OK to set selected color as fill color.
  4. Don’t click on document again but simply type text with keyboard because your path is still there even you set fill color. Your typing text gets your selected color from fill tool.
Text Text Text
Typing Text Typed Text in Selection Typed Text in New Color

Changing Color of Text

Color can be changed even after typing the text in illustrator document if you think the applied color is not suitable to text or you want to apply another color to text. If you work on typing path, you can easily change color. It can be identified that you observe cursor point (ON and OFF small vertical line) at the end of the typing text if your typing path is in active.

  1. Text has to be selected fully. It can be done in three different ways.
    1. One way is keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A.
    2. Second way is, reach your typing path, hold left mouse button at ON and OFF small vertical cursor line and move towards left side to see selection of every character.
    3. Third way is, hold Shift button and hold or continuously click left arrow button in keyboard.
      Double click on Fill tool at toolbox to see Color Picker and choose a color from color library and OK.
  2. Click on your typing path to see your text in new selected color.

Filling Color to Object

Applying filling color to graphical objects is slightly different to typing text. If you plan apply a color to your drawing object, follow below steps to get it.

  1. Double Click on fill icon in illustrator software at tools section to see pop up color picker and choose a color from color library.
  2. Draw any shape in document using its corresponding vector tool. You observe your shape in your selected color.
Selected Vector Object
Deselected Vector Object Selected Vector Object

Changing Color of Object

Color to any shape can be changed after drawing it. Follow below steps if you are interested to apply a different color to drawn object.

  1. If you are working on a particular or single shape (current or select shape always be indicated illustrator structural path over shape as shown in above right side screenshot), no need to select the shape. Double click on fill icon using your mouse to see color picker and choose a different color and OK to see change in color in document.
  2. If your illustrator software is unable to apply your selecting color, you have to understand vector object is in deselected mode as shown in above left side picture. In those cases, you have to select objects with selection tools like Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool or Group selection tool. You have to use section tool if you are dealing with a single object. However, you have to use direct or group selection tool if you are dealing 2D or 3D objects.
  3. After choosing a suitable selection tool, click on the object to see selection path as exampled in above right side screenshot.
  4. Go to tools area, double click on fill tool, choose a color from list of color world and ok to observe its change in your selected shape.
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