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How to use Adobe illustrator Rounded Rectangle Tool

Rounded Rectangle Tool is one of the vector based tools in Adobe illustrator graphic designing software. It is used to draw a rectangle or square shape with rounded corners. Even the same tool is used to create new shapes with round corners. Adobe illustrator displays it to the users at tools section. Choosing this tool from tools section allows users to draw a shape easily with rounded corners. The exact location and process of using this tool are same in all illustrator programs for example CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6. Here, you learn how to find the location of rounded rectangle tool in Tools and also learn different possible methods to draw shapes using this tool in adobe illustrator.

illustrator rounded rectangle tool icon Identifying Tool

There is no direct way to identify the rounded rectangle tool but it can be identified easily in illustrator. Carefully observe; all tools in Tools section in which you see a rectangle icon. If you don't see rectangle icon, you can directly enable it by using keyboard shortcut M. Your graphic designing software shows rectangle icon in tools. Move mouse's cursor over that icon and hold left button until you see list of tools in dropdown in which you see Rounded Rectangle Tool icon, as displayed in right side picture.

How to use

Create a new document in a required dimension. If you already select rounded rectangle tool, no need to choose it again after creating the document. Otherwise, choose it from tools section as instructed in above tool identifying process. It can be used in two different possible methods.

Cursor Method

Once you select rounded rectangle tool, your mouse's cursor is able draw the rounded rectangle or rounded square shape in document but it actually draws either shape using default corner radius and in this method, you cannot set the radius of the corner of the rounded shape. If you are not sure about the corner radius of drawing shape, use this method to draw a rounded shape with default corner radius.

Move cursor at top left corner of the newly created document by leaving some small space at top and left directions. Hold the mouse's left button at that point and move it towards opposite corner diagonally without releasing the mouse's left button to see rectangle shape with default rounded corners' radius as exampled in below left side picture.

Process of drawing Rounded Rectangle and Square shapes using rounded rectangle tool

You can also draw rounded square shape using same process but hold Shift button in your keyboard while drawing the rounded shape. Because of holding Shift button while drawing, rounded rectangle tool gives only rounded square shape with default corner radius as exampled in above right side picture.

Values Method

Rounded Rectangle Tool draws the shape as per width, height and corner radius. In this method, illustrator user has the facility to set width, height and the radius of the rounded corners. By giving values of width, height and corner radius to rounded rectangle tool, illustrator automatically draws the shape in document.

Once you select Rounded Rectangle Tool and click on newly created document. Illustrator displays a popup small window which asks you the width, height and corner radius. Enter width, height and corner radius and submit values through OK button. Illustrator automatically draws the shape with exact height, width and corner radius. If you give different values in height and width, it draws a rounded rectangle shape. Similarly, it gives a rounded square shape if you give same height and width. You can use any one of the method to draw rounded shapes using rounded rectangle tool in your illustrator graphic designing software.

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