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How to use Photoshop Lasso Tool

Lasso Tool iconThe meaning of lasso as per English Language is, a loop of rope that is created to be thrown around a target and tighten when it pulls. Photoshop introduced a basic hand drawing based selection tool called Lasso Tool as per the meaning of lasso. It can be defined as the loop creating selection tool that is designed to select a path around the targeted object and creates a selection when it is released or completes a loop. It is very useful selection tool to the photoshop users because of free hand drawing selection facility. It is mainly used to select an object in image files and also used to create custom hand drawn selection shapes.

Lasso Tool is placed in Tools section as one of selection tools in lasso tools section. Lasso Tool is indicated by right side info graphic icon. Photoshop sets lasso tool as default lasso tool. So, users can directly choose it from tools section. If in case, tools section shows different lasso tool, users can choose it from list of lasso tools. Move cursor over lasso tools section in tools, hold left button of the mouse until tools section displays list of lasso tools in a small dropdown menu and choose Lasso Tool. Adobe Photoshop users can use lasso tool quickly from tools section using keyboard shortcut L. It is available in Adobe Photoshop CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and all versions.

How to use

Create a new photoshop image document in required height and width to draw a new shape using Lasso Tool. Visit Tools section and choose Lasso Tool from list of Lasso Tools. Photoshop shows you lasso tool icon when you move cursor over surface of the newly created photoshop document. You can draw new shape using Lasso Tool on locked background layout and also can do it by taking a new layer in same document.

Hand Drawing Demonstration by Lasso Tool

Perhaps, you get some confusion while using this tool as a beginner. No need to worry about it. After selecting the lasso tool, choose a point on surface of the document, hold left button of the mouse there and draw a shape without releasing the mouse press button until you reach the initial point or nearer point. For easy usage, our drawn shape’s drawing path is instructed by arrows for your easy understanding. Once you reach initial point or nearer point, release the mouse’s left button to see drawing path in selection as shown in below picture.

Lasso Tool drawn path in selection

In this way, Lasso Tool is created for drawing free hand drawing selection paths. One important working principle that, every photoshop user must know. Lasso tool users no need to connect start point and end point, because it automatically connects end point and start point by a straight line whenever user releases the mouse’s left button somewhere in the document.

Disconnected or incomplete lasso drawing

Assume user released the mouse at particular point not at initial point as shown in above picture. Lasso tool quickly connects the end point with start point by a straight line because of its definition or working principle. It can be seen in below picture.

Auto connect start and end point of lasso tool

As per working principle of this hand drawing supportable selection tool, users create customized selection paths as demonstrated here.

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