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How to use Photoshop Polygonal Lasso Tool

Polygonal Lasso Tool iconPolygonal Lasso Tool is one type of lasso tool in Photoshop photo editing software program. The meaning of polygonal is, a figure constructed by more than two sides. Combining meaning of polygonal and lasso, it can be defined as the side based loop creating selection tool that is designed to select a path around a target and creates a sides based selection shape when it completes a loop. Polygonal Lasso Tool is a gifted selection tool for adobe photoshop users. Photoshop users use this tool in creating a selection path around a particular object in pictures and also used to create new selection shapes.

Polygonal Lasso Tool is placed in Tools area as one of Lasso Tools in lasso tools section. Adobe Photoshop users can identify lasso tools section using keyboard shortcut L or identifying Lasso Tool icon in Tools section. Once user identify Lasso Tools section, move cursor over this option and hold left button of mouse until photoshop shows lists of lasso tool in a small vertical dropdown menu in which choose Polygonal Lasso Tool, indicated by above right side info graphic icon. You can directly choose it from tools section if Polygonal Lasso Tool icon set as default icon for lasso tools section in tools.

How to use

Create a new Photoshop image document with desired height and width as per your requirement. Choose Polygonal Lasso Tool from Tools section and move cursor over surface of the newly created document. It shows polygonal lasso tool icon.

Deselect of polygonal point

Choose a start point on the surface of the document using click on left button of mouse once, and move cursor towards another point where click by clicking on left button of the your PC mouse once. It forms a straight line side as displayed in start point and point 2. Continue giving left click on mouse once at different points to choose the points on surface of the document.

As per definition of polygon, two points cannot form polygon because three sides are required for forming a basic polygonal shape. There is a reason for users to click on mouse’s left button once. If user double clicks on mouse’s left button, polygonal automatically connects that point to start point to complete the cycle. After that users cannot retrieve previously drawing shape. So, users must be careful while operating the mouse to use polygonal lasso tool.

One important point, users who use this tool must know. Sometimes, users might decide to remove the selected point to choose another point on the surface of the document. Perhaps it creates a problem to the polygonal lasso tool users because users cannot go back to the previously selected point to choose another point from that point. In such cases, use Backspace tab in your keyboard which removes the selected point and takes you back to the previously chosen point. Usage of this technique helps you much for choosing suitable points to get required structure.

As you continue choosing points by clicking at different, polygonal lasso tool creates a polygon shape structure as demonstrated in below picture.

Drawing sides using Polygonal Tool

You perceive that polygonal lasso tool shows a small circle additionally whenever polygonal lasso tool reaches the start point. Just give a left click in mouse there, it complete a selection path as shown in below screen shot.

Polygonal Drawing figure in selection

As per your perception, photoshop users use polygonal lasso tool to create polygon style selection paths. Polygonal Lasso Tool tutorial works in all version Photoshop software programs for example CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.

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