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How to use Photoshop Rectangular Marquee Tool

Rectangular Marquee Tool iconRectangular Marquee Tool is one of tools in Marquee Tools group. It creates a rasterize type rectangular selection path on layer. It helps users to draw rectangular shape canopy on a picture or layer transparently. Similarly, you can also draw square selection path on layer using it. Photoshop users usually use it to fill some color in square or rectangular shape in layers. Also, users also use it to separate some area from a picture in either square or rectangular shape.

You can find it in tools section of your photoshop photo editing software program. At tools, it is indicated with a dashed square icon. Alternatively, users can quickly activate it by using a keyboard shortcut M. In most cases, users see Rectangular Marquee Tool but sometimes you might find other marquee tools as activated marquee tool. In such cases, move your mouse over marquee tools group icon at toolbox and hold left button of your mouse for a while to see a dropdown menu in which you see list of marquee tools and select Rectangular Marquee Tool from that small dropdown menu to use it.

How to use

  1. Create a new photoshop document in desired height and width.
  2. Go to Tools section and Choose Rectangular Marquee Tool from Marquee Tools group. Simply, Toolbox > Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Drawing Rectangular Shape

Move your PC mouse over surface of photoshop document's layer and hold left button of your mouse at a point and drag diagonally downwards up to a particular point and release your mouse at that another point which will be end of drawing rectangular shape. Even you observe shape of rectangular marquee path while drawing as demonstrated in below screenshot.

Rectangular Shape in Photoshop

As explained here, photoshop users draw rectangular shape on a layer using rectangular marquee tool.

Drawing Square Shape

Once you select rectangular marquee tool at toolbox, move mouse cursor on surface of the layer and reach a particular point in photoshop document. Hold Shift Button in your keyboard and also hold left button of PC mouse. Move mouse diagonally downwards without releasing both Shift key and Mouse's left button to see square shape. Once you are satisfied with desired square shape, then release mouse left button and Shift button of keyboard.

Square Shape in Photoshop

As per this simple process, users draw square shape in photoshop documents by using rectangular marquee tool. In this way, adobe photoshop users can draw rectangular shape or square shape using rectangular marquee tool in Photoshop CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.

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