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How to use Photoshop Single Column Marquee Tool

Photoshop Single Column Marquee ToolSingle column marquee tool is one of marquee tools and placed as one of marquee tools in marquee tools group at toolbox. This tool creates a vertical rectangular shape canopy on layer transparently. It creates vertical type rectangular shape selection path with 1px width and unlimited height but the height of the rectangular shape selection path is limited to height of the image document. Users use this tool to create vertical lines easily and also used to create a 1 pixel selection path to move a small area from picture to another document.

Photoshop users use this tool rarely but not negligible. For this reason, it is placed every version photo editing program of adobe under the marquee tools group in toolbox. At toolbox, it is indicated by a dashed vertical rectangular shape icon in marquee tools group. Once you found it, move mouse over marquee tools group, hold left button of mouse for a while to see a dropdown menu which shows list of marquee tools in which choose single column marquee tool. Alternatively, users can reach this tool by using a keyboard shortcut M when photoshop is opened. M keyboard shortcut automatically selects marquee tools group at toolbox if you are not sure to find it in toolbox. Once you found marquee tools group, open dropdown menu and select it.

How to use

  1. Create a new image document in your photoshop software program with desired width and height.
  2. Identify marquee tools group and choose single column marquee tool from list of marquee tools dropdown menu. In other words, Tools > Marquee Tools Group > Single Column Marquee tool.

Drawing Single Column

After selecting the single column marquee tool at tools section and come back to image document's plane. Give a left click on same plane to see vertical selection path of 1px width. It seems like a vertical straight line with uncontrollable height but its height is limited to height of the image document.

Single Column Vertical Selection Path in Photoshop

It is witnessed that, single column marquee tool created a straight line on a particular layer of newly created image document, nevertheless we can see actual vertical rectangular selection path of 1px width when we zoom the image document to its higher resolution.

1 px Single Column selection path created by single column marquee tool in photoshop

In the above demo tutorial, the selection path created by the single column marquee tool is zoomed up to 3200%. At that state, it clearly shows the actual single column selection path. In this way, adobe photoshop users use single column marquee tool in various graphic designing or photo editing projects. This tutorial works in all kinds of photoshop programs for example CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.

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