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How to use Photoshop Paint Bucket Tool

Paint Bucket Tool is a filling tool in a photo editing computer software program, called adobe photoshop. It is primarily a color filling tool but can also decorate layer with repeated pattern. It is located in tools section for helping users to work with it quickly. At tools section, photoshop developing team included it along with Gradient Tool in a small dropdown menu. It is indicated with a bucket symbol. At tools area, users have to search for either Gradient icon or Bucket icon. Usually, users find gradient icon at toolbox. Once you find it, move mouse over gradient icon and hold left button of your PC mouse. Adobe Photoshop opens a small dropdown menu in which you see paint bucket tool option. Alternatively, users can quickly identify it by keyboard shortcut G. In other words, once you press G in your keyboard, this #1 photo editing software program shows it in selection mode. After that, choose it from dropdown.

Paint Bucket Tool icon illustration

How to use

Paint Bucket Tool is majorly used in three different cases in photo editing or image creation.

1. Color Filling

It primarily applies user selected color to entire layer of an image document. In fact, it considers color in the foreground color tool as its filling color and applies the same color on surface of any layer of a particular image document. Users often used it while working on image files to fill any color on document’s layer.

Filled Color on Layer by Paint Bucket Tool

2. Selection Path Color Filling

Paint bucket tool applies foreground color to entire surface of the layer but it acts differently in selection paths. In the case of selection path, it does not fill color to complete layer uniformly but only fill color in the boundary of selection path.

3. Pattern Filling

Paint Bucket Tool is also used to fill the pattern to a layer in both horizontal and vertical directions. Advanced photoshop users use this tool while designing a prestigious graphical art works.

Pattern filled on layer by paint bucket tool

Paint Bucket Tool is commonly used in these types of cases. It works in every adobe photoshop software program like CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.

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