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Adobe Photoshop Horizontal Type Mask Tool to mask picture with text transparently

Adobe Photoshop's Horizontal Type Mask Tool is one most useful text typing tool that allows users to show any picture partially through text which you type on picture. In other words, the text which you type on your picture masks the text transparently.

How to Use

People actually use this technique to prepare attractive text with their favorite pictures as background of the picture transparently. Follow below steps which help you to show masked text over your favorite theme or picture.

1. Import Picture to Photoshop

First of all, you must have a picture in your computer and then import it to your Adobe Photoshop software. You can import picture to photoshop by either from picture location or directly from photoshop to see picture in your adobe photoshop software.

Green Location Picture

2. Horizontal Type ToolAdobe Photoshop’s Horizontal Type Mask Tool

Go to tools section which is located at left side, move mouse’s cursor on Text tool and give right click on it by clicking on mouse’s right button which instructs your photoshop software to open different typing text tools. Now select Horizontal Type Text Tool from list of typing tools.

3. Type Some Text

Once you select horizontal type text tool, you are able to type text on picture.

Text on Picture through Horizontal Type Mask Tool

Type some text on picture to display picture through your custom text. After typing text on picture, select move tool which is located in same tools section in order to see selection path on picture as shown in screenshot.

Obtaining Selection Path

You can obtain selection path as text by removing unwanted area from original picture in two different methods.

1. Importing Picture

As long as the horizontal type mask text is in selection, you have the facility to move selection path to new document. It is very simplest method too.

  1. Copy (Ctrl + C) to copy the selection path, created by horizontal type mask tool.
  2. Keyword shortcut Ctrl + N to open a new document in Photoshop. Photoshop intellectually respond for your commend and set the document dimension to your selection path. You can set height and width of the new document before finalising the dimension of the new document.
  3. Paste the copied selection in new document using Ctrl + V keyword shortcut.

You can also do it alternatively to remove the unwanted background from the picture as instructed in below method.

2. Removing Background

Our object is to show selection path as picture. So, unselected path must be deleted to see the selection path’s preview. Our selection path is deleted if you click on delete button directly because of section. So, swapping selection path is only the solution to swap the selection. Go to Select section in Adobe Photoshop’s dropdown menu at top of the left side. Once you click on Select option from menu, you will see list of options in which you have to select Inverse option. Instead, you can use alternative shortcut method if you are flexible with keyword shortcuts. Press Ctrl and Shift buttons and then press I button i.e Shift+Ctrl+I.

Text masked by Horizontal Type Mask Tool

Whenever you follow any one of these methods, photoshop selects unselected path and makes selected as unselected. Now, click on Delete button in your keyboard to delete unwanted background from masked text. It separates the unwanted background from your custom text and shows your custom text in new look.

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