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Guide to Crop Pictures in Round Circular Shape with Adobe Photoshop

Cropping photos or pictures’ outline in round circle shape gives attractive look to image files and possible with Adobe Photoshop photo editing software. Sometimes you often see pictures in circular shape for example logos, sites icons and people photos. In fact most of people don’t know how to shape their photos circularly with Adobe Photoshop. It can be performed using different photoshop tools and cutting images in round shape with Ellipse Tool is one of them.

Adobe Photoshop Ellipse Tool in ToolboxPrimary Steps

  1. First import your picture into your Adobe Photoshop software. You can import picture from image file location and also directly from Adobe Photoshop. Now, you will see your picture file in your software in a window.
  2. Take Rulers in all four directions with 1 to 2 pixels outer parts equally.
  3. Go to Photoshop Toolbox to see different editing options in which you have to select Ellipse Tool. Hold Shift button in your keyboard which instructs Ellipse Tool to give circular shape. Move your mouse pointer over interaction of rules and drag towards its opposite intersection point of rules to see circular shape on picture as show in below screenshot.

Layer Thumbnail Blending OptionAdjusting to Transparent View

In fact, you initially see a circle over your picture in default background color. Hence, you need to set it to transparent in order to see the picture through a circle transparently.

In Layers section, you will see Layer Thumbnail along with vector mask thumbnail. Give right click on layer thumbnail to see different options in which you have to select Blending Option as shown in right screenshot. Once you select Blending Options link, your Adobe Photoshop software shows Layer style window where you have to set Fill Opacity to zero i.e 0 in Advanced Blending section as shown in below screenshot.

Setting Fill Opacity in Adobe Photoshop Advanced Blending section to zero

Process of Applying Circular Path

Now your Adobe Photoshop photo editing software shows your picture with a circle on it transparently as shown in below screenshot.

Circle Shape on Picture with Ellipse Tool

Make selection path on shape vector maskGo to Paths section within the layer properties window. You will see shape 1 vector mask of your circle layer and give right click on your mouse to see different options and select Make selection.

Now you see Make Selection window. In Make Selection window, Set Feather Radius at Rendering Section to 0 pixels. In fact by default it is set to zero. If not setting to zero, you just have to chance it to zero and make sure Anti-aliased option is selected. Then click ok. This process selects the image inside the circular path. Now, it allows us to separate picture from the outer part.

Adobe Photoshop Copy MergedNow, it is time to copy the selected path. Go to Edit option at Horizontal section menu at left side top area. Select Copy Merged option which makes your Adobe Photoshop to copy the selected path. Copy Merged can be performed with keyboard shortcut method by using Shift+Ctrl+C.

Your Adobe Photoshop software successfully copied the round circular image file. It has to be moved, selected path to new window. Use Ctrl+N keyboard shortcut process that opens a new window in Photoshop with selected image file’s dimension. Paste selected image on new window with Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut to see transformation of original picture into a circular picture.

Picture in Round Circle Shape

You can also perform it by following above step by step process

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