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Cropping Picture or Image with Adobe Photoshop

Cropping is a process of cutting or removing unwanted outer parts from a picture or an image to see or show the particular object from the picture clearly. Computer users used to edit their photos to add pictures as wallpapers for their PCs and mobile phones and also used in power point based seminars. Internet users also crop their personal photos to use them as avatar icons for their profiles and also share pictures with friends through social media websites. Similarly, site owners crop images to show content related pictures within posts for their sites’ visitors. In this way people use cropping feature in regular life and it can perform with photo editing software Adobe Photoshop of any version.

Import Image

Opening Picture or Image into Adobe Photoshop SoftwareFirstly the picture which you want to crop must be imported to your Adobe Photoshop software. The image file can be opened in various ways for example opening from picture location, dragging photo on adobe photoshop, opening it from File section of your Adobe photoshop software or using keyword shortcut Clrl + O at Photoshop.

Select Crop Tool

Selecting Crop Tool in Photoshop from Tools

Your Adobe Photoshop software shows you the tools section at left side in which crop tool is one of them. Just select the crop tool as shown in picture with your mouse to start cropping the unwanted from picture.

Cropping the Object

Rough and Exact Cropping Process in Adobe Photoshop

Move mouse cursor on object which you want to crop, then hold the mouse’s left button and drag roughly on object from top of the left side of objects towards bottom of the right side (hypotenuse direction) on your picture as shown in left side screenshot if you don’t know cropping the picture with exact dimensions; and then release the left button of your mouse. Now, Photoshop editing section shows you the selection path as shown in the right side screenshot in above picture and move your cursor on edge of selection path to see the double arrow. Hold the left button of your mouse, pull in or pull out the selection path up to edge of your object on your picture. Similarly, repeat the same process in remaining three directions and then hit the Enter button in your keyboard.

Cropped Object

Image File before Cropping
Image File after Cropping
Image File Before Cropping
Image File After Cropping

The above picture’s original dimensions are 200x200 in px. After removing the unwanted area around the picture by following cropping process, now it become 145x137 in px. You can observe the difference of picture and cropped image as shown above.

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