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How to use Adobe Photoshop Perspective Transform

Perspective Transform Tool is an excellent transformation tool of Adobe Photoshop photo editing software. It helps Photoshop users to transform any object into another structural form uniquely. Adobe Photoshop developing team indexed in Transform section for user access.

Adobe Photoshop Perspective Transform CS6

Go to edit section at top Horizontal Menu area where there are several features included under edit section. There is an extendable option called Transform in which select Perspective. Once Perspective is selected, it shows object in either a square or rectangle block with transform points at each corner and also show transform icons at middle point of every side of block. If height and width of the selection object is same, it shows square transform path. Otherwise, it shows rectangle transform path.

Usage of Perspective Transform

Square Pink Block Transform corner iconsSquare Pink Block

Here considered a square pink color block surface as shown in left side picture. Use transform perspective process as guided above to see transformation icons at corners and also at middle point of every side of same object as shown in right side screen shot. User can move any cornered or middle point in either horizontal or vertical direction. When user moves cursor towards any corner or middle transformation point, cursor shows a moving tool icon, hold left button of mouse on any cornered or middle point and move cursor in either horizontal or vertical direction by considering any side as its reference line. Notable point while using perspective transform tool is; middle points cannot be moved vertical to its base axis but can move in both directions of its base line horizontally.

1. Moving Corner Points

For example, hold one of four cornered transformation points and move it outer side to see extendibility of side equally. It is observable factor that when user moves any cornered point outer side, the width of the side will be increased. It can be extended as long as user wants as shown in screenshot below. Similarly, it can be done with any side of square plane.

Outer side perspective transformation

Similarly, choose any cornered point of square plane, hold it with mouse's cursor and move it inner to see shrinkage in side. User can shrink side as shown in below left side screen shot and up to, meeting both cornered points at middle point as shown in right side below screenshot.

Perspective inner side moving

Perspective transform tool can change cornered points' position of every side. As you observed above, It makes two cornered points of a same side to meet at middle point, and it also allows cornered points to appear in opposite positions when user moves cursor further and this kind of moving means left cornered point become right cornered point and vice versa.

Photoshop Perspective Extra Moving

2. Moving Middle Points

Horizontal and Vertical Perspective in Adobe Photoshop

Moving points of perspective transform works slightly different to cornered points. Photoshop perspective transform tool does not allow middle points to move vertically to its base line but allow it to move in both directions. You are seeing a middle point of horizontal side of the object as shown in left side screen shot in above image, it can only be moved in either left or right directions. Similarly, if it’s a middle point on vertical side, it can only be moved in either top or bottom directions as per right side screen shot of above picture. However, middle points can be angularly moved further when its base is angularly moved.

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